Cutaneous anthrax cases confirmed in East China

Two cutaneous anthrax cases have been confirmed in East China, according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

In Lianyungang in East China's Jiangsu province, skin irritations were found among seven villagers, according to ministry spokesperson Deng Haihua, ChinaDaily reports.

Two of the cases were found to be cutaneous anthrax, while the symptoms of the other five villagers were not typical. The other five, though, are currently under medical observation.

All seven villagers are in stable, non-serious conditions, according to the spokesman, ChinaDaily reports.

It is believed that the infected villagers had been taking part in the killing of a sick cow.

Cutaneous, or skin, anthrax is usually contracted when a person with a cut or sore on their skin comes into direct, unprotected contact with anthrax spores on a sick or dead animal. Cutaneous anthrax is the least serious form of the disease.

The provincial health department was quick to respond to the events. Medical teams treated the villagers and sanitized the farm and their residences, ChinaDaily reports.

Additionally, the health department will be monitoring anthrax levels in the area as well as educating the local people about the disease. Agricultural departments were informed of the events, as well.

"We will closely follow the development of these cases and make sure the disease is under control," Deng said, ChinaDaily reports.