Jordan warns of chemical threat from Syria

King Abdullah II of Jordan warned this week that the failure to solve the Syrian conflict is bringing the possibility of chemical weapon use closer and closer to the front.

Abdullah expressed concern that the chemical weapons could end up in terrorist hands if the situation is not resolved by the end of 2012, Trend reports.

"What scares us most is weapons falling into the wrong hands," Abdullah said, according to "The clock is ticking on a political transition and if we don't find ourselves a way out by the end of the year, then you are going to see a spike in sectarian violence and I think it's going to be a full-out civil war and I think calamity for years to come."

Additionally, Abdullah said that even if Bashar al Assad is forced from the country, the system may not be able to support a peaceful existence.

"If he does go, by whatever means, I don't see that the system around him is capable of changing," Abdullah said, according to CBS.

Recent actions by Jordan, including an ongoing policy of granting asylum to high profile defectors of Assad's regime, may show that Jordan is changing its neutral stance toward the conflict.