Kansas National Guard trains in CBRN exercise

Members of the 73rd Civil Support Team of the Kansas Army and Air National Guard took part in a decontamination training exercise on Monday in Indiana as part of Vibrant Response 13.

The specialists in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear response identified, assessed, assisted and provided information to their incident commander during the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Indiana-based event. The 73rd CST acted as part of Joint Task Force Civil Support, Dvidshub.net reports.

"After almost two full days of training, this has exceeded our expectations as an excellent training venue," Lt. Col. Dirk Christian, the commander of the civil support team, said, according to Dvidshub.net. "The unit completed a lot of collective training events preparing for the Vibrant Response exercise, and it's all really starting to pay-off."

The 73rd CST identified potential hazardous substances in three facilities around the training center. After identifying the contaminants, the specialists needed to assess the situation and evacuate nearby civilians.

"While we're downrange conducting operations, 40 minutes that we spend downrange could save 40 people or it could save 40,000 people," Christian said, according to Dvidshub.net.

The 73rd CST is available to use its CBRN skills in the event of a natural or man-made disaster for the support of civil authorities. The team will remain in Indiana throughout the rest of the Vibrant Response exercise, which ends later in August.