Wyoming county prepares for anthrax exercise

Uinta County, Wyoming, is preparing to hold its annual bioterrorism response drill to be prepared in the event of an anthrax or other biological attack.

The exercise will occur on Wednesday at the Evanston Machine Shop in Evanston. The simulation will involve first responders and volunteers dealing with an anthrax event in Uinta County, the Uinta County Herald reports.

After completing a tabletop exercise based around anthrax in 2010, the county will test setting up a point of distributions to hand out medications to the public. Multiple response agencies will be involved during the event to practice their parts in the bioterror response process.

County officials are recruiting volunteers of all ages to act as individuals requiring medication during the simulated attack, according to the Uinta County Herald.

The Uinta County exercises are meant to practice the worst case scenario to prepare for what officials hope will never happen. The practice sessions allow health officials from different departments to meet each other and work together to be more prepared for an actual bioterror event. By putting hundreds of hours of preparation into each event, the agencies hope to be prepared to handle any incidents that occur and to properly serve the people of the area and the United States.