BWC experts meet in Geneva

A meeting of experts from the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention occurred between July 16 and 20 in Geneva to discuss topics agreed upon during the review conference in December.

Experts from non-governmental organizations, observer entities, international organizations and states parties participated in the meeting. The topics discussed at the meeting included furthering BWC goals through cooperation and assistance, advances in science and technology, national implementation and confidence-building measures, Vertic reports.

The experts from different states shared information related to their international assistance programs during the meeting. They noted that the promotion of peaceful research and international security could improve by enhancing cooperation and assistance in exchanging materials and technologies.

Advances in science and technology were found to have both negative and positive security and health implications. The experts decided that policies to actively monitor risk were more favorable than reactive policies that could get in the way of beneficial and peaceful research, according to Vertic.

The experts discussed recent efforts meant to nationally implement the BWC in different states such as in Malaysia, Morocco and France. A low percentage of the states were found to have participated in confidence-building measures.

Ambassador Boujemaa Delmi, the chair of the meeting, suspended the formal session on the fourth day of the meeting for states to have informal and open discussions on matters relating to the BWC.

Delmi called the meeting was very fruitful.

A final draft report will be submitted and discussed at the next BWC intersessional states parties meeting.