Indiana National Guard conducts CBRN training

The Medical Element of the 19th CERFP, also called the Indiana National Guard's Chemical Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosive Enhanced Response Force Package, will take part in a Joint Patriot exercise on Friday.

The joint Indiana Army and Air National Guard unit will deploy aboard a C-5 from the 181st Intelligence Wing in Terre Haute, Ind., to participate in the Volk Field, Wis.-based exercise. The mission of the unit is to respond to man-made and natural disasters, the Brazil Times reports.

"The purpose of the Joint Patriot exercise is to accomplish mission-essential training for CERFP that is not available locally," Lt. Col. Robert Abbinett Jr., the Medical Element's officer-in-charge, said, according to the Brazil Times. "The exercise centers on response to a terrorist biological attack, such as a dirty bomb."

By deploying from the Terre Haute Hulman Field airport, the unit is able travel anywhere in the country quickly and efficiently.

"The 181st plays a key role in CERFP because of its strategic location and well-maintained runways," Col. Donald Bonte Jr., a commander from the 181st Intelligence Wing, said, according to the Brazil Times. "We, can bring in transport aircraft whenever the mission dictates. Deploying from the 181st Intelligence Wing improves our ability by providing first-class training opportunities. This mission also demonstrates the Wing's readiness and reliability in providing support to the local community in times of crisis."