Canada announces addition sanctions against Syria

The Canadian government recently announced plans to tighten sanctions on exports to Syria that could potentially be used to produce chemical and biological weapons.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced the increased action against Damascus after emerging from the third Friends of the Syrian People meeting held in Paris, according to

"Canada is imposing prohibitions against the export of goods and technology that could be used to further repress the people of Syria," Baird said, reports. "As well, Canada is prohibiting the export of goods that could be used to produce chemical and biological weapons, beyond those already controlled by Canada."

The new rules were added to an annex of the Special Economic Measures Act, Regulations Amending the Special Economic Measures (Syria) Regulations.

Baird also announced that Canada is adding the Syria International Islamic Bank and the Syrian National Security Bureau to the list of individuals and entities included under existing sanctions.

"Our expanded sanctions aim to target the regime, not the Syrian people," Baird said, according to "We continue to call on the United Nations Security Council to adopt tough, binding sanctions."

Baird called for unity of action in the international community in dealing with the Assad regime, which is finding itself increasingly isolated.