Israel testing new siren for incoming WMD

The Israeli Defense Force recently tested an air raid siren capable of warning the public against incoming missiles carrying chemical or biological weapons.

The new siren is seen as an increasingly critical measure as fears mount about the possibility that Syria's chemical weapons could fall into the hands of rogue elements. The possibility of using two different sirens was first raised two years ago following a national defense exercise, according to the Jerusalem Post.

When the idea was first raised to use one siren for conventional missiles and another for nonconventional missiles the IDF Home Front Command nixed the idea. The ongoing conflict in Syria, however, has led it to rethink the plan begin a new round of tests.

The Home Front Command has doubled its investment in warning systems since the 2006 Second Lebanon War. There are now 3,100 sirens based throughout the country as part of an early warning network.

Israeli radars are capable of detecting incoming missiles, but cannot detect what type of payload they are carrying.

"This would be based on intelligence but there is no reason for people to put on their gas masks for every missile that is fired into Israel if they don't have to," a senior Home Front Command officer said, the Jerusalem Post reports.