Mustard agent found at Delaware clam-processing plant

Mustard agent was recently discovered leaking from munitions on a conveyor belt at a clam-processing plant in Milford, Delaware.

Officials from Dover Air Force Base's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team and the U.S. Army 20th Support Command identified the chemical weapon at the Sea Watch International processing plant and said it posed no immediate threat outside the area where it was located, according to

The 20th Support Command took possession of the Mark II 75mm mustard round and transported it to Dover AFB where it can be properly disposed of. An Army tech team from Aberdeen Proving Ground aided in the substance's identification.

Sea Watch staff acknowledged that older military ordinance is occasionally found in batches of clams the plant receives. The building was evacuated immediately when the round was discovered and four people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. They have since been released.

Ryan Knowles, a spokesman for Carlisle Fire Company of Milford, said the Army is known to have dumped surplus ordinance into the Atlantic Ocean.

"It looks like it might be an ordnance from the World War I or World War II era," Knowles said, reports.

Mustard agent is a chemical weapon that can cause extreme itching, skin irritation and chemical burns.