Bioweapons worry former Deputy Secretary of State Steinberg

Former Deputy Secretary of State for the Obama Administration James Steinberg recently said that the fear of bioweapons is what sometimes keeps him awake at night.

Steinberg made the comments during a panel discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival, held in Aspen, Colorado. The panel, "Technology of War: What Does the War of the Future Look Like," focused mainly on technologies that regularly make the rounds in American media, including drones and cyber-warfare, according to the Atlantic.

Steinberg, however, said it was the less discussed threat of a world where someone unleashes a biological weapon that worries him, and that he sometimes worries about it more than nuclear weapons.

The former deputy secretary of state and current dean of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University said that the Spanish flu epidemic killed millions in 1918, and that a man-made virus could be just as deadly.

Steinberg is known for promoting the concept of "strategic reassurance" with regards to the United States' relationship with China. He has earned a reputation for boundless energy and a mastery of foreign policy subjects, but his intensity and temper have been described as "off-putting," according to the New York Times.