India building bio-radar

The Indian military recently announced that it is attempting to build a nanotechnology-based bio-radar system to act as an early warning system against bioterrorism.

V. K. Saraswat, the scientific advisor to India's defense minister and the director general of the Defense Research and Development Organization, said that the Defense Bioengineering and Electomedical Laboratory will lead in the system's development, according to

V. Padaki, DEBEL's director, said the bio-radar's components will be able to detect the existence of dangerous chemical and biological material and then communicate that information to a central control room.

Padaki also said that the use of nanosensors would increase the system's overall sensitivity beyond conventional technology.

DEBEL, which operates under the DRDO, recently opened a new facility in Bangalore. The laboratory is known predominantly for carrying out research and development in the areas of aero-medical equipment, biomedical engineering and life support systems for the armed forces, according to

Saraswat said the DRDO expects the new facility to cut Indian imports of military life-support systems, including those to protect against chemical and biological weapons, by nearly 70 percent.

"We shouldn't miss this bus the way we have missed the other engineering revolutions. DRDO is creating bio clusters to learn and create new usable models from biological concepts," Saraswat said, reports.