iBio expands patent portfolio

Pharmaceutical company iBio, Inc., recently announced that the U.S. Patent Office has accepted its application for a patent covering a portion of the company's iBioModulator platform.

The patent, entitled "Bacillus anthracis Antigens, Vaccine Compositions, and Related Methods," covers compositions and methods for fusions and sequences of Bacillus anthracis antigens for protective antigen, lethal factor and edema factor.

The acceptance of the application will add to iBio's portfolio that includes two other patents that give broad coverage to the iBioModulator platform. The platform has been shown to be applicable to a variety of vaccine proteins, and is capable of significantly modifying immune responses to vaccines.

Animal studies have shown the platform can increase the strength of the initial immune response to a vaccine, as well as lengthen its duration. Its use may actually lower the vaccine antigen requirements so that fewer doses are need to establish protective immunity.

"This patent will provide further opportunities for commercial development of our iBioModulator platform for subunit vaccine products," Robert Erwin, iBio's president, said. "Application of this technology to anthrax is timely because of the threat posed by anthrax due to its potential use in bioterrorism and recent outbreaks among wildlife in the United States. There is a clear need for an improved vaccine for anthrax and for improved production methods that allow for safe, mass-production at a reasonable cost."