EU applies restrictions to dual-use goods

The European Union approved rules on Friday on particular sanctions against Syria, including a ban of exporting dual-use goods that could be used for biological or chemical warfare.

The rules apply to particular goods, technology and equipment that could be used for manufacturing and maintaining goods for internal repression. Dual-use goods are items or technologies that can be used for both military and civil purposes. The trade rules regarding Syria also include the restriction of certain luxury goods.

The dual-use goods included in the export ban include chemicals used as precursors for toxic chemical agents, chemical manufacturing facilities, protection and detection equipment, and human, animal and plant pathogens.

"In the current situation, the EU must keep up the pressure on the Syrian regime," Catherine Ashton, the high representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union, said. "EU sanctions target those responsible for the appalling repression and violence against the civilian population. We have carefully calibrated today's decisions to avoid affecting the Syrian people. We strongly support them in this time of suffering."

On May 15, the European Union put restrictive measures into force to respond to the violent repression of anti-government protests that began in March 2011. The initial list of restrictions included an export ban on arms, technology and goods that could be used for internal repression, an import ban on petroleum and crude oil products from Syria, and a ban on investment in Syria's oil industry, among other things.