New survey launched to gather data on lab safety

A new international survey was recently launched to study researchers' attitudes to laboratory safety.

The University of California Center for Laboratory Safety, BioRAFT and the Nature Publishing Group have joined to produce a survey that identifies issues that impact laboratory safety practices and attitudes in an effort to provide guidance for future safety policies and procedures, according to

The survey asks tens of thousands of researchers to anonymously answer questions regarding their view on current safety policies and procedures. The answers will be used to design new policies and programs that can protect researchers without impacting their work, as well as to design software solutions that ease compliance and oversight management.

The questions concern the types of materials used in research, training practices and policies, and attitudes and beliefs about existing practices and their impact on research.

"This survey is a vitally important undertaking that will help us understand how researchers all across the globe approach lab safety," James Gibson, the executive director of the UC Center for Laboratory Safety, said, reports. "This goes to the very heart of what our organization does - utilizing scientific methods to gather data that will be analyzed and ultimately help us understand how to make our labs even safer. We're very proud to be working with our partners at BioRAFT and Nature Publishing Group on this important project."