NAS report on agro-defense facility due out soon

The National Academies of Science recently announced that it will soon release a congressionally mandated analysis on the risks posed by the planned National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility.

Millions of dollars in stalled congressional funding are believed to be linked to the results of the report, which is due out on Friday, according to

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security planned for the project to be constructed in Manhattan, Kansas, near the site of Kansas State University. Currently, an armed guard and steel perimeter fence protect idle equipment on the stalled construction site, according to Reuters.

The analysis is an updated version of the department's original risk assessment, which the NAS considered predicated on misguided assumptions and methodologies. The new report will examine whether or not DHS has taken into account the risks identified in the original, reports.

A second, separate NAS review of the project, set to be released at a later date, will provide a detailed analysis of whether or not the NBAF proposal is even necessary. DHS requested the second review to study entirely different options, including a scaled back version of the existing plans, a collaborative effort with private firms or a renovation of the existing Plum Island Animal Disease Lab in New York State.