White powder hoaxes continue in Quebec

A second series of packages containing white powder were recently sent to the offices of Quebec politicians and media outlets.

Police and emergency crews responded to a dozen new reports in six Quebec cities the day after nearly two dozen white powder-filled packages arrived at media and political offices, according to 680News.com.

In all of the cases, the powder was determined to be harmless. One of the packages contained baking soda, but police have kept silent on the contents of the others, except to say that they are not a threat.

A group calling itself the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Quebec claimed credit for the threats in notes that accompanied several of the packages. Provincial police said the name resembles that of a 1960s-era underground organization with ties to a now defunct terrorist group known as the Front de liberation du Quebec, or the FLQ.

The notes included with some of the packages made reference to anthrax powder. More than a dozen people in Montreal were initially kept under observation but have since shown no sign of anthrax exposure. No one was hospitalized, according to MontrealJournal.com.

The Quebec provincial police anti-terrorism unit is currently investigating the situation and has asked anyone with information leading to the perpetrators to come forward.