Lugar announces progress in destroying WMDs

Senator Dick Lugar (R-Ind.), the co-author of the Nunn-Lugar Act, announced recent progress in the attempt to dismantle weapons of mass destruction on Thursday, including the destruction of over 70 metric tons of chemical nerve agent.

In April, Nunn-Lugar Global built and equipped one biological threat monitoring station, secured two nuclear weapon train transport shipments and destroyed 70.08 metric tons of chemical weapon nerve agent, Political News reports.

Since its inception, Nunn-Lugar has participated in the deactivation of 7,619 nuclear warheads and the destruction of 2,924.702 metric tons of Albanian and Russian chemical weapons agent.

"Achieving this mission requires constant vigilance," Sen. Lugar (R-Ind.) said, according to Political News. "I will continue my efforts to bolster Nunn-Lugar activities that eliminate threats to U.S. security before they reach our shores."

Lugar and Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) authored the Nunn-Lugar Act in November 1991. The law established the Cooperative Threat Reduction Act, which provided U.S. support and knowledge to aid the former Soviet Union to safeguard and dismantle its massive stockpiles of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. In 2003, Congress adopted the Nunn-Lugar Expansion Act, authorizing similar operations to occur outside the former Soviet Union.

In February, Lugar received the 2012 Minute Man of the Year award for his contributions to U.S. military personnel and national security by the Reserves Officer Association.