Poland chooses Berlin Technologies camera for chemical surveillance

Berlin Technologies, a defense and security company, announced on Thursday that Poland has chosen to use the company's Second-Sight cameras to monitor and detect biological and chemical threats during the European Nations Championship 2012.

International events such as Euro 2012 require monitoring and detection systems for bioterrorist threats to make sure that players, spectators, guests and other participants are safe. The cameras will be installed in the stadiums and can warn in real-time of any terrorist or accidental gas leaks.

Berlin's Second-Sight technology identifies gases and their movement in real-time. The quick identification allows the response teams to quickly take action, reduce the spread of the gas, and take necessary safety and security measures for nearby civilians. The technology resulted from more than 10 years of research and development financed by the French company. Berlin has also signed contracts for the technology in China, the United States and France.

Polish authorities decided to use Second-Sight technology as a result of the effectiveness and innovativeness of the company's system. In addition, the cameras were found to be simple to implement and use in sites like sports stadiums. The order came after an international call for tenders.

Berlin Technologies is involved in biological and chemical control, surface-to-air combat and homeland security.