Florida emergency workers teach bioprep to young students

First responders from Hernando County, Florida, recently taught students about bioterrorism, emergency response and weapons of mass destruction during a two day event held at a local elementary school.

Teachers at the Challenger K-8 School of Science and Mathematics received special training from Hernando Fire Rescue and the Hernando hazardous response team that focused on what their jobs entail, according to TampaBay.com.

The emergency crews watched PowerPoint presentations and videos with the students, and some students were even selected to enter a decontamination chamber.

"We learned about how you can get hazardous materials off your body," student Brooke Fielder said, TampaBay.com reports. "You can either dilute it, absorb it, (use a) power wash and (go into) isolation."

In a lesson on cross-contamination, students innocently passed around a helmet that had been covered in a substance that glowed in the dark, but was invisible under normal light. When a black light was turned on, the students were able to see how a seemingly innocuous object could potentially harm everyone that came into contact with it.

The lessons fit into the students' curriculum by covering benchmarks for science, including the study of toxins, infectious diseases and other pathogens. The students were also assigned to read "Code Orange," a book about a smallpox outbreak.