House passes the Weapons of Mass Destruction Intelligence and Information Sharing Act

The House of Representatives passed HR 2764, or the Weapons of Mass Destruction Intelligence and Information Sharing Act, this week.

The bipartisan legislation, sponsored by Pennsylvania Rep. Patrick Meehan, provides important guidance to the Department of Homeland Security to keep the United States ahead of enemies who would employ weapons of mass destruction.

"I'm very pleased that the House today passed this legislation without objection," Meehan said. "Loose chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria and Libya getting into the hands of al Qaeda terrorists are cause for great concern; and a nuclear armed Iran is a top national security threat. With multiple al Qaeda affiliate networks around the world targeting the U.S. and our allies - it is imperative that we remain as vigilant as ever.This bill ensures that intelligence analysis and dissemination regarding dangerous weapons continue to be a priority for our nation."

HR 2764 also provides guidance for ongoing activities for Homeland Security to engage in and support intelligence activities related to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats and to share timely intelligence and prevention tools with partners at the federal, state and other local levels.

"This legislation will better secure our homeland from terrorists seeking to deploy a weapon of mass destruction against us, a horrific scenario that the WMD Commission has said is increasingly likely," Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King said. "HR 2764 will ensure that critical intelligence about chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats is shared by DHS with Federal, state, and local officials. Subcommittee Chairman Meehan deserves great credit for dedicating his time on the Committee to working on critical intelligence and information sharing issues such as this."