New chemical and biological sensor facility inaugurated in India

India's Defense Research & Development Organization recently inaugurated a new state of the art chemical and biological sensor facility in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India,at the Defense Research and Development Establishment.

The DRDE is a defense laboratory meant to develop novel technologies and products for the defense of chemical and biological terrorism. The DRDO works under India's Ministry of Defense's Department of Defense Research and Development.

"Its time to strengthen our capabilities in area of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare," Vijay Kumar Saraswat, a scientific advisor to the DRDO, said. "I congratulate the dedicated members of DRDE who have not only developed a wide range of NBC technologies but also translated them into products and taken them to users."

Saraswat said that the future of warfare and terrorism will involve asymmetrical wars, proxy wars and low intensity conflicts. In such cases, biological and chemical agents along with cyber warfare will become more common.

India's DRDO takes on design and development projects with the goal of producing the world's top weapon systems and equipment as the country needs them. The organization works in multiple areas of military technology including life sciences, simulation, advanced computing, naval systems, materials, missiles, engineering systems, electronics, combat vehicles, armaments and aeronautics.