Powder found at Dallas hospital identified as baby formula

Emergency crews scrambled to Children's Medical Center in Dallas after a plastic bag filled with white powder was found at the hospital's main campus this week.

First responders received an emergency call when the substance was found in the hospital's Ambulatory Care Pavilion. The powder invoked fear among employees, but turned out to be harmless baby formula, according to NBCDFW.com.

Since the beginning of May, police and emergency crews have been called to several white powder incidents in the Dallas area, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. postal inspectors recently offered a $150,000 reward for information about a person they believe is responsible for sending hundreds of hoax letters throughout the region.

Last week, Dallas Fire-Rescue investigated an incident where a white powder was found at a Dallas mall in front of a movie theater. In this case, no evacuations were necessary and the powder was identified as cocaine, NBCDFW.com reports.

In 2001, a U.S. Army scientist killed five people and injured more than a dozen when he mailed powdered anthrax spores to several offices in the weeks following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Since then, hundreds of hoax white powder letters have been sent to schools, banks, hospitals and other businesses. Although the powder threats have all turned out to be harmless, emergency officials have urged people evacuate the area and call 911 if a threat is discovered.