Suspicious letters result in lockdown at Mich. schools

Multiple schools in Van Buren County, Michigan, were put on lockdown last week after seven people connected to the school district received suspicious letters from an unknown source.

The lockdown at Lawton Community Schools meant that anyone who wanted to enter the facilities had to be let in by school personnel only, the Courier Leader reports.

One of the letters was mailed to Joseph Trimboli, the superintendent of the schools, the Courier Leader reports. Trimboli said that he opened the letter and never feared that there could be anthrax or any other risks in the mailed items.

"In 36 years (as an educator), it's the first time I've ever gotten a letter like this," Trimboli said, according to the Courier Leader.

The envelopes included a three sentence letter, the text of which has yet to be released to the public.

Classes continued as usual and students were given recess as normal. A carnival for elementary students was held as planned on Friday. Administrators, teachers and school staff were told to keep an eye out for any strange occurrences.

"I've asked the police to be around and help us be more vigilant," Trimboli said, according to the Courier Leader.

The seven people who received the envelopes assume it was all some kind of prank.

"Right now it's nothing criminal," Tom Verberg, the Lawton police chief, said, according to the Courier Leader. "It's just kind of weird."