Second anthrax outbreak in Ghana

Public health officials in Ghana are fighting an anthrax outbreak that claimed two victims shortly after bringing a previous outbreak was brought under control.

Anthrax surfaced in the Bongo District in the Upper East region of Ghana after several people consumed the meat of a cow that died from the illness, according to

Regional Veterinary Officer Dr. Thomas Anyorikeya confirmed that anthrax was behind the deaths. He said that three people fell ill and were hospitalized after eating the tainted beef. One woman and one man later died from the infection.

According to Anyorikeya, a team of veterinary and health officers returned to the village of Nabiisi and buried the remaining meat.

The veterinary officer said that a total of 2,700 cattle were vaccinated following the outbreak, but acknowledged that the program has since come to a halt. The Bongo District Assemble and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture failed to come to an agreement on a budget for the operation, reports.

Anyorikeya said his personnel have had to fight the outbreak using their own resources, including money for fuel. He said he could no longer afford to travel to different locations to vaccinate more cattle and is worried that if the operation ceases more infections could be imminent.