South Korean soldiers participate in CBRN training

Soldiers from South Korea's 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command took part in a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training exercise on Thursday at Camp Carroll in southeast South Korea.

The soldiers participated in the drill to learn the proper procedures for protecting themselves and their fellow soldiers from CBRN incidents. The soldiers wore their joint service lightweight integrated suit technology garments and chemical protective masks during the exercise. The garments, which include underwear, overboots, overgarments and gloves worn over their army combat uniforms, would give them protection against battlefield contaminants during a real incident, Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System reports.

The soldiers formed groups of 10 and entered into a gas chamber wearing their protective masks. Next, they checked to ensure their equipment was properly worn. The soldiers then removed their masks, held their breath, closed their eyes and were exposed to chemical gas before shouting a chant and exiting the chamber.

"It was not too bad, and I am glad that I did it," Lee Dong-hyun, a private first class and equal opportunity assistant with the 19th ESC, said, according to Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System. "The training really built confidence in (my) protective mask that it really works and how important it is to have good maintenance on it."