Anthrax outbreak in Ghana claims two more victims

Two more people have died in an anthrax outbreak that was thought to be under control in the Upper East region of Ghana.

The deaths follow a vaccination campaign that was believed to have stopped the disease from spreading. Last month, two people and at least 20 cattle died as a result of anthrax infection in the Bawku West district bordering Burkina Faso, according to

Bawku West District Chief Executive Moro Adam Anabah said that the infected cattle were all buried properly and all others in the area were properly vaccinated to prevent further infection, according to

Regional Veterinary Officer Dr. Thomas Anyorikiya said that he suspects the latest victims consumed anthrax tainted meat and, as a response, the vaccination campaign has been scheduled to resume.

"The soils are contaminated...if the carcasses were not properly buried, it means they opened the carcasses, prepared the meant and consumed it thereby contaminating their soil," Dr. Anyorikiya said, reports. "This is the education we have been giving. Once you open the carcass and contaminate the soil, you should expect anthrax to be there for the next 25 years at least."

Anyorikiya is encouraging district residents to burn animal carcasses instead of burying them.