Three die in Ghana anthrax outbreak

Another outbreak of anthrax in the Upper East region of Ghana has led to three deaths in the Balungu electoral area of the Bongo District.

Several animals have also fallen prey to the disease, which has been circulating through the area during the last two weeks. Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture are in the community to vaccinate animals against a further spread of the deadly disease, GBC reports.

Edward Abesiwine, the assemblyman for the area, requested that philanthropists and the government help the people of the region because some cannot afford the fee being charged for vaccination.

A previous outbreak occurred in the Upper East region in April, which led to two deaths after the victims ate the meat of a dead animal that may have contracted the disease. The prior outbreak occurred in the community of Googo. The Upper East Regional Health Service received 3,400 vaccines to give to animals in the area to prevent anthrax from spreading. Vaccinations cost approximately 28 U.S. cents each.

Thomas Anyarikeya, the Upper East regional director of veterinary services, asked local governments to help with a fueling crisis that was impeding the ability of vehicles to move into local communities to administer the vaccines. Anyarikeya requested funding to properly carry out the vaccination process.