South Korea introduces plans to respond to bioterror threat

South Korea's public health and safety agency recently announced its intention to create a five year plan to better protect the country from possible bioterrorism attacks.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that its scheduled 2013-2017 plan will include extensive research and development into vaccines and antidotes, the quick detection and accurate diagnosis of bioterror agents, and the collection of related information through international cooperation, according to

The health and safety agency also said that the plan would utilize the latest in nano-biotech and advanced convergence technology in order to handle perceived threats and adequately stockpile effective medical countermeasures.

The KCDC also announced plans to authorize clinical testing for drugs to counter the effects of bioterror agents so they can be produced locally.

The agency announced that it hopes to continuously receive information from international experts so that it can push forward the research and development needed to protect the country and its people from potential bioterror attacks, reports.

The government in Seoul responded by saying that it would enhance nationwide monitoring for bioterror agents by investing in the development of detection kit technology.

South Korea recently participated in an exercise with the United States aimed at assessing their capacity to jointly respond to an intentional or natural disease outbreak.