W. Va. county plans simulated public health emergency

The health department in Marion County, West Virginia, is planning a simulated public health emergency for June to ensure that it is prepared for anthrax scares, flu outbreaks and other emergency situations.

The Marion County Health Department facility has had some renovation work done in the past few months and, upon the work's completion, the workers will move back in and perform a mock emergency drill. The drill will ensure that employees are prepared for emergencies ranging from pandemics to bioterrorism attacks given the new alterations to the building, WDTV reports.

The health department is actively seeking volunteers to get involved in the West Virginia Responder Emergency Deployment Information system and participate in the exercise. The REDI system is a web-based program that was developed to facilitate public health and medical response through identifying, credentialing and deploying West Virginia citizens who are willing to serve in non-emergent and emergency situations.

Registration to the system is open to medical and health professionals in the state, as well as other who work or live in the state and are willing to assist during health related emergencies or events. The REDI system is part of the Bureau for Public Health's Threat Preparedness division under the Department of Health and Human Resources.