Experts worry about Obama's food security approaches

President Barack Obama recently invited a number of African leaders to join the G8 summit for a discussion on food security, despite claims that he has failed to adequately address food security issues at home.

The Pew Health Organization recently claimed that President Obama has failed to protect the United States against agroterrorism or to adequately monitor domestic food security, according to

Several months after the Obama Administration claimed it enacted sweeping legislation to protect the nation's food supply, experts at a federal symposium claimed that half of what Americans currently eat comes from countries not covered by FDA measures aimed at guarding the food supply.

According to experts participating in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's International Symposium on Agroterrorism, the United States is vulnerable to bioterrorism via tainted food.

"Because it's nearly impossible to know where 50% of our food comes from, it's becoming increasingly difficult to protect consumers from tainted supplies as well as intentional bioterrorism attacks," former intelligence and police officer Sid Franes said, reports.

The annual symposium, held this year in Kansas City, was held to help foster information-sharing and collaboration between government agencies, the private sector and academia. The complex nature of the relationships, however, limits the nation's ability to respond effectively to an attack, according to experts.