Lawyers for Georgia ricin plotters prepare case

The attorneys for two Georgia men accused of plotting to use bioterror agents in attacks against the U.S. government are preparing to go to trial.

Lawyers for Ray Adams and Samuel Crump recently requested more information about the evidence collected in the case against them. The two men are charged with conspiring and attempting to make the toxin ricin, according to the Huffington Post.

Adams and Crump are part of a group of four men arrested in November after an undercover informant infiltrated their group and conducted surveillance for seven months.

The other two men implicated in the plot pleaded guilty to related charges last month. Both Dan Roberts and Frederick Thomas could each face up to five years for their parts in the plot. They pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to obtain an unregistered explosive and illegal gun silencer.

The group's list of targeted individuals included U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and former Democratic House Representative from Georgia Cynthia McKinney. Thomas, the group's leader, stockpiled 52 guns and approximately 30,000 rounds of ammunition when arrested, according to Associated Press.

Defense attorneys questioned the liability of the informant, saying he was arrested in South Carolina for child molestation before agreeing to infiltrate the group.