Suspicious powder found at Oregon mall deemed harmless

A suspicious powder found in an envelope on the third floor of the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Ore., on Tuesday was found to be harmless after the floor was evacuated for precautionary measures.

The envelope, which was found in a mail room, will be tested to determine exactly what the substance is, but police have confirmed that it is not anthrax or any other harmful substance. The seven employees who came into contact with the envelope were briefly isolated and checked, reports.

The letter was discovered just before 5 p.m. The mail room on the third floor of the mall was evacuated. It took less than an hour for officials to determine that the substance was not harmful. At approximately 6 p.m., an all-clear was called, Koin Local 6 reports.

Police investigators said that the powder was suspicious and that someone may have been targeted by an anthrax hoax.

Portland officials recently responded to another suspicious powder incident on April 26. A hazmat team visited the federal courthouse between Second and Third Avenues when one person was exposed to a white powder spilling from an envelope in a parking garage. The tests on the powder determined that the substance was non-toxic.