Milwaukee man charged over YouTube anthrax threat

A Wisconsin man was recently charged with making a false anthrax threat that resulted in Milwaukee police cordoning off an entire city block.

David V. Bustamante of Milwaukee is accused of posting a video on YouTube that shows him and a female companion dropping a letter addressed to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development into a mailbox across the street from his residence, according to

"Sorry guys, anthrax on the way," Bustamante says on the video, reports. He then laughs and uses an obscenity.

According to a recently filed criminal complaint, Bustamante can also be heard talking about U.S. President Barack Obama and about being Jesus Christ.

On the afternoon of April 28, Milwaukee police reported receiving telephone calls from local television stations saying they had received an email with a link to the video. Police investigators soon saw that Bustamante's Facebook account contained a message stating that the anthrax letter was currently in the mailbox, reports.

The letter, which did not contain anthrax, was actually a questionnaire that Bustamante had filled out and signed. He was arrested at his home and taken to the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex. He is expected to face a single count of threatening to release a harmful substance.