U.K. Army official warns of poison-carrying terrorist drones

A senior Army officer attempted to justify a plan to place missiles on London apartment rooftops during the Olympics on Friday by warning of possible terrorist plans to use unmanned drones carrying deadly poison.

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Fahy made the announcement during a Leytonstone meeting meant to allay the fears of residents expressing concern about the missile plan. Fahy is the officer responsible for community relations during the upcoming Olympic Games, Gulf News reports.

"An unmanned aerial vehicle can be put in a backpack," Fahy said, according to The Mail. "They come in all sorts of sizes and it's feasible they could be filled with something noxious and flown by remote-control."

Fahy said that such a device could be used as a biological weapon. He declined to go into more detail about what type of poison might be used as an aerial attack, but troops have recently had anthrax emergency training at the government's top-secret Wiltshire-based military research facility.

"For the duration of the Olympics anyone flying into controlled airspace is to file their flight plan with the Civil Aviation Authority," Fahy said, according to The Mail. "The range of threats varies in size and capability. It could be a commercial airliner hijacked by somebody with malicious intentions or a protest group using a microlight to get their name in the papers."