Canadian pork producers exceed expectations in biosecurity training program

Pork producers in Canada's Manitoba province have exceeded expectations in their participation in the recent National Biosecurity Training Program, according to the Canadian Swine Health Board's biosecurity coordinator for the province.

Brad Chappell, a swine veterinarian with Swine Health Professionals and the provincial coordinator for the board, said that the training covers all farming-related aspects of biosecurity. The National Biosecurity Training Program was developed to familiarize the pork producers of Canada with principles that improve their biosecurity and protect their operations from the introduction of disease, Farmscape reports.

"A part of the program is the veterinarians visiting the farms and at this time we have 380 veterinary visits," Chappell said, according to Farmscape. "The veterinary visits themselves are a key component where the veterinarian is able to spend time on the farm discussing different aspects of biosecurity with the entire staff of the farm and also having a thorough walk through the farm identifying the benefits of the biosecurity or the potential enhancements that could help in reduction of disease entrance into the farm."

Chappell said that the success of the program participation is indicative of an industry that truly wants to protect the health status of its animals.

"The level of interest in this program has been very impressive," Chappell said, according to Farmscape. "The uptake by the producers in the province has exceeded our expectations. As you already know the hog industry in Manitoba is very progressive. At this time we've had 453 producers go through the training program, which represents approximately 65 to 70 percent of our industry."