Al-Awlaki posthumously calls for U.S. attacks

Radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in a September drone attack in Yemen, was featured in al-Qaeda's English language magazine advising followers to launch attacks against Western countries.

The Inspire article was called "Targeting the Populations of Countries at War With Muslims," and discussed the killing of children and women and using biological and chemical weapons to supplement gun and bombing attacks. It is not yet clear why it took so long to publish articles by al-Awlaki and former North Carolina blogger Samir Khan. Khan was also killed in the same drone attack, CNN reports.

"Muslims are allowed to target the populations of countries that are at war with Muslims by bombings or fire-arms attacks or other forms of attacks that inevitably lead to the deaths of non-combatants," al-Awlaki said, according to CNN.

Al-Awlaki said that while children and women should not be specifically targeted, they were allowed to be attacked if they were among the combatants.

"The use of poisons of chemical and biological weapons against population centers is allowed and strongly recommended due to the effect on the enemy," al-Awlaki said, according to CNN. "These statements of the scholars show that it is allowed to use poison or other methods of mass killing against the disbelievers who are at war with us."

There is no evidence to support that any part of al-Qaeda has developed any capability for biological or chemical weapons.