Anthrax threat closes city building in Western Australia

Dozens of workers were recently evacuated from a city administration building in Albany, Australia, following an anthrax threat.

An unidentified city council employee was reportedly behind the hoax. The man allegedly sent an email to several staff members of Albany's North Road administration building claiming an anthrax attack would be undertaken against the building and even gave a specific time the attack would occur, according to

The man who sent the email is in police custody. The city of Albany has declined to provide any details on the nature of the threat or the possible motive for it. A meeting scheduled to take place the same evening was relocated, but the office was reopened by the next morning.

Albany Mayor Denis Wellington said that police and ambulance services were ready when the threat occurred and were prepared to evacuate the building.

"We received a time-specific threat to the City of Albany administration building this morning and obviously our first priority was the safety of all staff, so the threat was taken seriously and the police were immediately called," the mayor said, reports.

Albany, a city of approximately 34,000 people, is located on the coast of Western Australia and is the oldest permanently settled city in the region.