Shea: Technologies for counterterrorism must not be forgotten

Jamie Shea, the deputy assistant secretary of NATO, said on Wednesday that governments need to make sure that they do not lose the anti-terrorism technologies created during military deployments in Afghanistan.

Shea spoke to delegates on the subject at the Counter Terror Expo in London. He said that significant gains had been made during operations against the Taliban and that steps must be taken to ensure that the progress is not lost as combat operations in Afghanistan end in the next two years, Police Oracle reports.

Shea noted developments in counter-IED technology developed by the International Security Assistance Force.

"Post ISAF we must make sure that we continue to work on these technologies, which we have developed with the needs of the soldier in mind," Shea said, according to Police Oracle. "In particular the area of forensics in terms of counter-IED work has been well developed and has enabled would-be suicide bombers to be put on trial. The techniques have worked well in Afghanistan, and we must keep them."

Shea said that due to the concerted attack on the Al Qaeda network, leadership in the group has weakened and that governments should maintain their investments. He also said that lone wolf, self-radicalized terrorists had failed to materialize meaningfully, but that they had been occasionally successful.

The Counter Terror Expo runs this week at the London Olympia.