Anthrax threat sent to French embassy in Jakarta

The French embassy in Jakarta was recently placed on alert after receiving a suspicious package.

Three embassy staff members were placed in isolation after arrival of the package, which was labeled "#ANTRAC." Intelligence chief Lieutenant General Marciano Norman said that the package was suspected of possibly containing anthrax, but was determined to be harmless, according to

"It has been confirmed that it's not anthrax," Marciano said, reports. "It was just a threat. It was just the writing, but we will investigate it further."

The three staff members who came in close contact with the package were kept quarantined in the embassy for several hours after the package's arrival. According to embassy communications head Jean-Louis Bertrand, they were released the next day after the package tested negative for harmful substances.

"The three staff members were kept in isolation for a few hours and are in good shape," Bertrand said, reports. "They were confined in line with normal security procedures."

Police reported earlier that two staff members were sent to the hospital, but the embassy later said that three were confined to the premises.

In March, a homemade bomb exploded outside the Indonesian embassy in Paris, causing minor damage, but no injuries.