Suspicious package in Houston found to be harmless

Hazmat officers in Houston's Kingwood neighborhood have determined that a white powdery substance delivered to an area woman in a padded envelope on Friday was inert.

The woman visited the Kingwood annex police station after receiving an envelope with a Charlotte, Va., return address that was forwarded from her spring address. The suspicious letter was forwarded by the postal service to her current Kingwood address, Your Houston News reports.

"She came in with the envelope and showed it to the officer at the front desk," Lt. Paris Ponton said, according to Your Houston News. "She opened it and inside was a white, powdery substance. The envelope contained nothing else - no threatening note, no letter."

Local officials called Hazmat and the Houston Fire Department and quarantined the building's occupants inside.

"Hazmat did a series of tests before they actually moved the substance, then they moved it to an instrument where they checked the protein content of the substance," Ponton said, according to Your Houston News. "They said the substance was inert, but couldn't say what it actually was. It will be taken to the health department for further examination."

The quarantine was lifted and business resumed as usual in the annex at approximately 2 p.m.

The woman said that a possible motive for the suspicious package was that she used to be a case worker in another state for an adult protective services agency. She had worked multiple high profile cases during her employment.

"It's a serious matter, because of the anthrax scares in the past," Ponton said, according to Your Houston News. "We'll be doing a full investigation with our Criminal Intelligence Division."