Oregon man sentenced for anthrax hoax

The perpetrator of an anthrax hoax was recently sentenced to prison for threatening a postal carrier in Oregon with the deadly biological agent.

Kelsey Van Hook was sent to federal prison for one year and one day for placing a white powder in a mailbox and claiming it was anthrax, according to OregonLive.com.

In 2009, a U.S. postal carrier in Oregon City, Oregon, pulled a stack of envelopes out of a mailbox and noticed that his hands were covered in white powder. Among the envelopes was one with a message that read, "anthrax what now mr mailman(?)"

The postal worker immediately contacted his supervisor. A postal inspector soon arrived to conduct field tests on the substance. The testing determined that the substance was harmless. Later, it was identified as cream of tartar.

Van Hook recently stood before U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown in a Portland courtroom where he apologized for committing the act along with a friend. He also said he was sorry for failing out of a diversion program that would have eliminated his felony record.

"I screwed up and I'm sorry for doing it," Van Hook said, OregonLive.com reports.

In addition to prison time, Brown also sentenced Van Hook to three years of post-prison supervision and 50 hours of community service. Brown told Van Hook that he should earn his GED while behind bars and grow up.