Wyoming county conducts anthrax emergency drill

Public health officials in Fremont County, Wyoming, recently held a disaster readiness drill that simulated a large-scale anthrax release in the area.

The drill tested the Fremont County Public Health Department's ability to distribute prophylactic medication and disseminate critical information in case of a biological emergency, according to DailyRanger.com.

The FCPHD was notified of the simulation through the county's emergency alert system at 8 a.m. All county health personnel were told to report that morning to Central Wyoming College.

Public Information Officer Teresa Nirider said that the exercise was conducted primarily to test the countywide communication system, to increase the health department's emergency capabilities and to increase the cooperation between county health officials and those of CWC, where medication is to be distributed in case of an emergency.

The students and faculty of Central Wyoming College also participated in the exercise. They received emergency text messages, emails and phone calls as part of the college's Rustler Alert System that told them to immediately report to the school's gymnasium.

"We are hoping to test how many people we can get through the gym within two hours, because in the event of a biological exposure, we would want to get people in and out in 10 minutes," Nirider said, DailyRanger.com reports.

According to Nirider, the drill was conducted according to guidelines prepared by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Strategic National Stockpile Plan.