Telops develops gas cloud detector for chemical agents

Telops, a technology firm specializing in hyperspectral imaging systems, recently announced the introduction of real-time detection software for the identification of gas emissions, including those of chemical warfare agents.

The system, called Reveal D&I, is capable of detecting a large number of different gasses simultaneously. The software allows for the visualization of a gas cloud is a scene that enables users to monitor its progression over time, according to

Reveal D&I is designed to be used in conjunction with Telops' Hyper-Cam for the standoff detection and identification of toxic industrial chemicals as well as chemical warfare agents, leak detection and flare monitoring. The interactive software allows visualization patterns of the calibrated spectrum at each pixel, as well as the ability to adjust detection thresholds.

"This new software brings hyperspectral imaging to a whole new level as it provides the user with direct feedback from its ongoing experiments and field trials," Marc-André Gagnon, the Hyper-Cam product line manager at Telops, said, reports. "It was also designed to make thermal hyperspectral imaging more accessible as the user needs only to focus on its application and not on the hardware."

Telops, based in Quebec, Canada, is a leading supplier of hyperspectral imaging systems and high-performance infrared camera for defense and security applications.