Iowa man sent to federal prison after violating release in white powder case

An Iowa man who spent time in a federal prison for sending a police officer a threatening letter containing a white powder is going back to prison for violating the terms of his supervised release.

America Yegile Haileselassie of Bettendorf, Iowa, was recently sentenced to 14 months in a federal prison at a hearing held in Davenport by U.S. District Judge John Jarvey, according to QCTimes.

In September 2010, Haileselassie pleaded guilty to sending a Bettendorf detective an envelope containing a white powder and a letter saying, in part, "enjoy the anthrax spores!" The powder was tested and proved to be nothing more than a mixture of baby powder and carpet cleaner.

At the time, Haileselassie was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison, but was credited for time served since his arrest. He was ordered to serve three years on supervised release after completing his prison term.

Haileselassie violated the terms of his release in several ways before being sent back to prison, including calling the Bettendorf detective he had threatened and hanging up. He was also expelled from Scott Community College for violating the school's internet usage policy.

In addition, Haileselassie was required to secure employment, which he did not do. He also attempted to deposit a Social Security check from 2010. He later attempted to use his ATM card to withdraw funds from a bank account after fraudulently making a deposit, QCTimes reports.