Washington State to hold free bioterrorism lecture

Washington State University plans to hold a free public lecture on the threat of bioterrorism.

Thomas Preston, a WSU professor of political science, will discuss how bioterrorism will impact future leaders of the United States as the rapid pace of the biotechnical revolution continues, according to PressZoom.com.

Preston considers the threat of biological weapons to be underappreciated by scholars and practitioners who tend to focus on nuclear proliferation issues. The rise of global terrorist groups, coupled with biotechnical developments, according to Preston, make biological warfare far more dangerous and more likely.

Preston regularly researches bioterrorism and is the author of four books on the subject, including "From Lambs to Lions: Future Security Relationships in a World of Biological and Nuclear Weapons." He is the director of the political science master's program in global justice and security studies and is on the board of directors for the Institute for the Study of Global Conflict at WSU, PressZoom.com reports.

The professor received his M.A. at the University of Essex and his Ph.D. from the Ohio State University. He is currently a faculty research associate at the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School - Syracuse University, and at the Swedish National Defense College in Stockholm.