Basson seeks investigation into fake Twitter account

Wouter Basson has requested that his legal team open an investigation into a fake Twitter account carrying his name.

According to the Rapport, Basson, the former head of South Africa's apartheid goevernment's chemical and biological warfare program, sees the account as a serious threat to his personal safety.

The fake account lists Basson's hobbies as "chemical and biological warfare against historically disadvantaged South Africans," reports.

"You can imagine what the uninformed members of the public think about it [the tweet]," Basson said, according to "I immediately felt threatened because I have had good relationships with the South African population in the past few years.

"At a point (from 1997 to 2002), I was in a witness protection program the government placed me in during and just after the (criminal trial).

"But we went to trouble to set at ease all the people who were possibly angry with me.

"And now, suddenly, this man [the prosecutor, advocate Salie Joubert SC] makes an allegation that we waged a chemical war against the population.

"You can now think how easy it is to abuse such a submission to whip up a few guys to say go and kill him."

Basson has also faced a similar fake Facebook page that carried his name, which has since been closed.