Three farm workers die of anthrax in Namibia

Three farm workers from Farm Kroonster 448 in Namibia's Omaheke Region died from an anthrax-related illness in the Gobabis State Hospital last week.

It is believed that five workers from the farm contracted anthrax after eating meat of a cow that passed away on the farm. Two of the five workers are still being treated at the hospital for an anthrax-related disease, Nampa reports.

The two farm workers are still in critical condition and all movements from the ward have been restricted.

"You can confirm this with the hospital matron," a registered nurse from the hospital speaking on the condition of anonymity, said, according to Nampa. "Even the remains of the deceased three farm workers are still being kept here in our mortuary for further laboratory investigations."

George Ruhumba, the region's chief animal health technician, said that the business at Farm Kroonster is under restriction for 21 days after a request from the Ministry of Health and Social Services to enact a ban. He said there is a suspected anthrax case at the commercial farm, which is located 100 kilometers east of Gobabis. While veterinary services has tested all 19 livestock at the farm and all tests came back negative, the restriction orders are still active.

The workers were said to have complained of stomach pains after eating the meat of a cow that had died in early March.