Central Wyoming College simulates anthrax attack

A simulated emergency anthrax response drill was recently staged at Central Wyoming College in Riverton, Wyoming, in order to test the community's mass inoculation system.

The premise behind the drill was a simulated anthrax release. The event was not open to the public, but instead utilized the students and faculty from the college and the staff of Fremont County Public Health, according to County10.com.

"The faculty had advance notice so they would let their students go," Carolyn Aanestead, from CWC, said, County10.com reports. "We wanted to test how long it took to get the campus mobilized and to the gym in the event of an actual emergency."

All students and faculty were sent an email asking them to report to the gym immediately. Inside the gym, various stations were set up where potential victims were screened and directed to medicine dispensing areas.

The Fremont County Public Health Department's mobile emergency response trailer, equipped with two fully functioning nurse's stations, was brought in to aid the process.

Local law enforcement personnel provided traffic control and security for the event.

Teresa Nirider, a public health nurse and the drill's public information officer, said that antibiotics have been stored across the county in case of a real emergency.

"If we did not have sufficient "assets" here, then we would request them from the National Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta from the National Strategic Stockpile," Nirider said, County10.com reports.