Positive ID awarded patent for molecular biological diagnostics system

The Positive ID Corporation, a company that develops airborne bio-threat detection systems, announced on Tuesday that it has been awarded a patent for its Dragonfly Rapid MDx Cartridge-based diagnostic system for molecular biological diagnostics.

The system allows for the results from a sample in less than 30 minutes, giving first-responders and doctors an opportunity to get accurate diagnostics at the point-of-care. Dragonfly has been proven effective for the detection of influenza strains, radiation-induced cell damage, and common pathogens and diseases like E. coli, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and human papilloma virus.

"With Dragonfly, we have the ability to revolutionize the way healthcare is administered by enabling accurate diagnosis within minutes at the point of care, and before the patient leaves the physician's office," William J. Caragol, the chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said. "This allows healthcare professionals to prescribe the appropriate treatments immediately, helping to minimize the overuse of antibiotics, and enables rapid treatment and potential monitoring and quarantine measures for serious outbreaks such as certain forms of influenza."

Dragonfly will be targeted at markets ranging from physician's offices to military field deployments.

PositiveID Corporation develops bio-threat detection systems for America's homeland defense industry. Microfluidic Systems, its subsidiary, develops microfluidic systems for the automated preparation and performance of biological assays to detect biological threats and analyze samples in medical environments.