Virgin Islands simulates anthrax attack response

A team of police in the Virgin Islands ran a counterterrorism drill on Friday to pursue four fake suspects and contain fake anthrax that they released at the former J. Antonio Jarvis school building.

The team of officers took part in the drill during the midday heat on Friday, attempting to track both the simulated suspects and a detectable but harmless anthrax substitute, Virgin Islands Daily News reports.

The Virgin Islands was also in Department of Homeland Security news this week for the closure of a large refinery that might affect United States infrastructure, the dependence on foreign imports and the vulnerability to terrorism. During a subcommittee hearing, the DHS plans to discuss the refinery closings and the consequences on pipelines to national security, the Examiner reports.

"More than 30 U.S. refineries have closed in the last decade," Representative Patrick Meehan (R-Pa.), said, according to the Examiner. "Most recently, two Philadelphia area refineries have closed and one is scheduled to close. Together they account for 50 percent of the Northeast's capacity. Another large refinery in the Virgin Islands has closed. This hearing will help us understand the homeland security consequences of refinery closures, both in terms of threats to critical infrastructure and our dependence on imports from unstable parts of the world. The pipelines, could be vulnerable to disruption from a terrorist attack or natural disaster."